Company drivers
Solo Super Pay up to 49¢ per mile! 

Independent contractors
Owner ops and Lease Purchase drivers up to $1.53 per mile!

And you’re guaranteed to only pay $1.25 per gallon for your diesel!

Most miles in the industry!


CR England
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Welcome To CR England

C.R. England has provided truck driving jobs to experienced and inexperienced truck drivers alike for more than 90 years.Inexperienced truck drivers, or those who want to start their truck driving career can attend one of four truck driving schools offered by C.R. England for a truck driver training program considered among the best in the industry. Admission to the C.R. England truck driving school does not require a cosigner, money down, or credit requirements. C.R. England truck driving school includes Commercial Driver's License (CDL) classroom training and behind the wheel training. Successful graduates of the C.R. England truck driving training program are guaranteed CDL jobs through C.R. England.

There are also excellent opportunities for experienced truck drivers as C.R. England offers a variety of career choices. You can choose these career paths:

•Company Driver
•Company Team Driver
•Driver Trainer
•Independent Contractor or Lease Operator

The average trip length of C.R. England runs are among the highest in the trucking industry, and driving more miles means earning more money. In fact, the average yearly income of C.R. England drivers is among the highest in the industry.

There are many dedicated routes available for experienced C.R. England truck drivers. Dedicated runs provide a stable income and predictable home time. Over the last few years, the England Dedicated Division has grown swiftly and will continue to grow in years to come.

Experienced drivers also have the opportunity to earn extra income by becoming a truck diver trainer for the C.R. England team. Plus, all our truck drivers can lease top of the line C.R. England equipment with no money down, allowing you the advantage of owning your own business.

Truck drivers at all levels of experience will find opportunities for career advancement at C.R. England.

Inexperienced Truck Drivers – C.R. England is committed to excellence in driving industry education and, to that end, provides industry-leading training programs that allow graduate drivers to start earning money in just three weeks working for C.R. England. Unlike other truck driving schools, C.R. England differs because it hires all drivers who complete the course and meet hiring standards.

Student Truck Drivers – Individuals who have completed a certified truck driver training school, have a current CDL and would like to become a professional truck driver can participate in a student program designed to train truck drivers for C.R. England. Minimal cost.

Experienced Truck Drivers – Driving equipment considered to be the best in the industry. Every C.R. England truck driver has their own manager and a permanent tractor assignment, as C.R. England will never slip seat.

Independent Contractors or Lease Operator Information – Qualified drivers can become their own boss as an independent contractor. Leasing a truck and driving for C.R. England requires no down payment. A Freightliner Classic, Century Series or other available up-spec equipment can be leased from 6 to 36 months.

Whether you are looking for CDL jobs or are just starting to look into the industry, C.R. England has open trucking jobs for you. Your career in truck driving is just up the road.
For more information, please call Kim at 1-888-382-8188